Men’s Ties

September 21, 2006

How can you resist ties like these?

Pity that the ‘Spinners’ only present a selection of religious ties because the actual vendor’s site Starwonders has seemingly hundreds of ties of questionable taste. I could show some but you’d be better off looking for yourself.

Of course finding a site that sells hideous ties is all the impetus I need to start wandering round the bowels of the Web looking up tie sites. I am particularly taken by the ‘One nation Under God’ tie.

All that does is prove to me how naïve I am, as a largely non-tie wearer, in the ways of ties. I have had to study the diagrams carefully to work out what is going on. No not how to tie a bowtie (I can do that thanks to a mirror reversed diagram that I tuck into my collar to follow the steps in a mirror), but rather what is a tie align or a tie thing.

I was starting to worry that the Americans had a monopoly on bad taste neckware until I came across an Australian site that made it all seem alright. Except … aside from a few oddities, I recognised these as the same ties I had discovered on Starwonders but priced at US$8 instead of US$4.95. Maybe the shipping is cheaper but I do feel cheated. I want Australian ties with Australian animals on them. Australian beers and Australian sports. They must be there, but I haven’t found them yet.

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