Where have all the flowers gone?

October 5, 2006

Joni Mitchell summed up the hippie commune atmosphere of Laurel Canyon in 1970 in her song Ladies of the Canyon.

Trina with her beads and drawings and lacework. Annie making babies and brownies and gathering flowers. And Estrella making music.

Doing my usual daily cyberslacking, I find myself in a large loop of links to (mostly) women of a certain age in various countries who write about fruit and flower growing, painting and handcrafts. Clearly the hippies never died, they just started writing blogs. Peas Corner is as typical as any, with a fair list of links to other such delights.

Take this quote from A Growing Delight

Have you ever stopped to wonder just how many different flowers there can be in the world? How come each tiny seed or bulb can produce its own unique plant, with flower and seeds? It may be as tiny as a crocus or as huge as a Californian Redwood, and every size in between, each has its own characteristics.”

Don’t tell me that doesn’t belong firmly in 1970!

It is sometime hard to avoid the religious and the sentimental, but there is much to be enjoyed from the Bloggers of the Third Age.

While wallowing in the photos of flowers, I notice there are also recipes to try. Unfortunately, it would seem that the one hippie virtue that has not survived in the USA is the idea of quality fresh ingredients. I am astonished how unapologetic the American recipes are about using commercial pre-prepared ingredients – frozen cookie dough, packet soups, spray cheese etc. There may be some wholesome fresh food recipes to be found, but by-and-large they have eluded me so far. I’ll stick to my tried and true recipe sites, but that is for another blog on another day.


One Response to “Where have all the flowers gone?”

  1. Philip Reese Says:

    They’re found when you’re looking. 🙂

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