January 19, 2007

As well as the various spam filtering that I get from my ISP, my anti-virus program and my email program, I also use Mailwasher as an additional filter. Mailwasher shows the headers of suspected mail which lets you check incoming mail before you delete it. A consequence of that is that sometimes I get intrigued by what I am being sent and feel compelled to read it.

I am fascinated by the train of thought that went into today’s very fine offering. An email from someone called Morris from an email address in Sri Lanka purporting to be a letter from someone called Mr Paul Joe, the Manager of Bill and Exchange at the Foreign Remittance Department of NATWEST BANK PLC in London. Offering me £12.5 million. Apart from anything else that might cause even the most remotely curious person to wonder why a bank might offer a complete stranger a huge sum of money for nothing, the subject heading read ‘Can we work as pantner’. Now, I am not familiar with the word ‘pantner’ and clearly neither is Mr Paul Joe because shortly afterwards I received the same email again but this time with the word ‘pantner’ corrected to ‘partner’. Obviously that would sway any doubters about the authenticity of the offer. As a final clincher Mr Joe signed off ‘Remain blessed’ which I don’t think is a usual bank greeting.

I can’t imagine what Mr Paul or Morris or whoever thought was going to happen, especially after the correction. Apart from the ludicrous failure to appear official, the email contains no instructions as to what to do next. I know that people get taken in. It is easy to do with well crafted fake emails and website, but something like this …?

It is easy to send an email (or a post) with a typo in it, but to go back and correct the subject line in spam is pretty impressive.


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