Odd Collections

January 20, 2007

There are plenty of websites dedicated to the odd and arcane in this world but most seem to be mostly links to You Tube type videos. I am more interested in the spectacularly odd. I am sure that someone somewhere has a website devoted to strange specialist websites but I don’t know of it … yet.

The sort of thing I have in mind is the site dedicated to underwear (although it is part of a commercial site), Ian Fieggin’s shoelace site, or Malcolm Shifrin’s Turkish Bath site. Then there’s the condiment packet museum, and the tattoo picture museum.

There seems to be a simple test of how bizarre some specialist interests are. Enter the name of an object and the word ‘museum’ or ‘collection’ into Google and watch the results with wonder.

Here are a few I tried.



razor blade

Surely this is what the Internet is for!


One Response to “Odd Collections”

  1. BEK Says:

    Very interesting results.
    1) There is an International Toothbrush Collection website (can’t believe someone beat me to it!).
    2) Armpit hair + collection led me to the very wonderful ‘Hair Hub’ featuring an article on why women need underarm hair.
    3) No luck with showercap. I got to sales only, no collections. So there you go… a niche in the internet market…

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