Current Affairs?

January 22, 2007

I had to laugh at the fainting goat video (via Damn Interesting). Not only for the amusing sight of goats who faint when they are surprised – a genetic disorder apparently called myotonia congenita – but also for the fact that the video includes material from the US version of ‘A Current Affair’. It’s good to see that that program shares its relentless search for earth shattering current affairs stories with its Australian namesake.

Having written the above, I happened to be in the gym and I am sure I saw (but couldn’t hear) a story on the apparent banning of the Australian flag at Big Day Out which seemed to feature comment by Pauline Hanson. I can only imagine what she said, but is that really the best they can do? (The cynic in me wonders if Seven – wittingly or otherwise – is helping her plans to stand for Parliament again this year).

Incidentally, the Today Tonight website lists last week’s programs as the latest stories. So much for up-to-the-minute current affairs!


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