I like a bit of rigour in my spam.

January 31, 2007

Every now and then I like to read the spam. It is sometimes worth a laugh.

How can you resist an offer like this?

Genuie and from the Original manufacturer are selling by Trusted vendor.

Don’t miss this chance to buy Hight-Quality production!

Our online shop: http://forumdanceclub.info

Only today and only for you all prices eased for 60%!

P.S.: Forward this email to 10 your friends and you’ll get a good bid from us.

Got it? Are you clear what is being sold? Don’t those spelling and grammar mistakes give you confidence? Doesn’t it just make you want to go out a buy, buy, buy?

I wonder if I can get a good bid from them by posting this here? Perhaps that means I can get my prices eased

In case you are interested, the link leads to quite a professional looking Italian hosted website selling Viagra and Cialis. Obvious wasn’t it?

I am staggered to think that there is really a viable economy in this stuff. I can understand people being taken in by clever scams and I can understand people falling for the hard sell. but like my earlier post, I don’t understand this sort of stuff at all.

PS. Tonight (1st Feb) exactly the same email arrived- identical except for the URL which was changed to a Dutch address. I wait with bated breath to see which country I hear from tomorrow.


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