More thoughts on the cyberworld.

February 16, 2007

When I posed the challenge to find strange museums, I hadn’t thought that the museum of airsick bags would be one of the great unusual finds. But here you have it – Rune’s Barf Bag Collection. Isn’t the web a wonderful world?

Actually, I was thinking about what sort of world it would be if my rules for the Internet were wrong and everything you read online was in fact true. I could use my Nigerian petrodollars to invest in the exciting new shares in the Mongolian mineral exploration company which are being offered for the first time. My unclaimed UK lottery winnings would cover the cost of my new university degree and of course there would be plenty of cash left to cover the cost of the vast quantities of Viagra and Prosac. And of course I would have no problem satisfying the horny Russian housewives now that I have a HUGE erection.

Hmm. perhaps I will keep the spam filter going.

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