Classification of very small objects

February 28, 2007

What a delightful idea! The Collier Classification system for very small objects is exactly that. Non-living solid objects that are “visible to the naked eye but small enough to go unnoticed most of the time” are given a unique identifier consisting of three names. The names refer to such factors as function, colour and shape.

The website contains instructions about how to use the system and gives a number of examples.

 This object is called a Nelifrag Buildistabscratch metalipointisharpebiggerlik from its various characteristics

    Neli – never living

    Frag – a fragment

    buildi – found inside a building

    stabscratch – used to scratch or stab

    metali – metallic colour

   pointi – having one or more points

   sharpe – having a sharp tip

   biggerlik – resembling something bigger than itself


Go on. You know you want to classify something yourself. The instructions are on the Very Small Objects website.


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