History in Maps

May 21, 2007

One of my favorite stop-off points on my cyberslacking journey is the wonderful collection of maps at Strange Maps. Not so much strange as fascinating. In most instances, the maps and the commentary that accompanies them tell a fascinating story – often about minor historical or territorial curios. I did not know about the enclaves of Indians and Bangladeshis in each other’s respective countries, or of the Limburg Split of 1839.

A new discovery for me is The Map House, a specialist London map dealer. From the so called ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ section of their website comes the moving, mapped story of part of Mawson’s Antarctic exploration. The map charts the unfortunate death of two of his party and his own near-death experience in a crevasse. There is much drama in this simple map.

Incidentally, the Hollow Earth map (which comes via Strange Maps) is from one of the odder websites in the cybersphere. 2012 Unlimited seems to be for advice on coping with the changes that are taking place to the Earth. Not global warming as you might expect but something to do a divine plan connected with the start of the Mayan 6th world and the secretive Shadow Government which apparently controls all the world’s governments. There is also information about low-voltage electric treatment for AIDS, but I haven’t established a connection to the Mayans yet! I was inspired to use that particular map by a wonderful photograph from above the South Pole which appears on Barista today and which clearly shows a hole through the centre of the Earth.


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