Versatile Lego

May 30, 2007

I always thought that Lego was wonderful stuff. We have a crateful of the stuff which provided a childhood’s worth of pleasure for our children and is now waiting for old-enough grandchildren. We built all sorts of castles, cars and simple machines with it, but nothing compared with what the real experts/fanatics are capable of.

Mocpages is a site for people to show off their Lego creations. Little did I know how popular Lego sites are. Mocpages lists nearly 200 sites just dedicated to  Star Wars Lego creations. Many of the creations are very simple and often based on the various sets available off-the-shelf. What impresses me is the efforts that some people are prepared to go to with their Lego creations.


But these are minor triumphs compared with the Grand Theft Auto animation


Or the rubber band gun

But my prize goes to Andrew Lipson who has made some of the most extraordinary things from Lego including my favourites, 3-D Lego recreations of M C Escher’s ‘impossible’ pictures. (Be warned that his pages open VERY slowly, but are well worth the wait.

Some photographic manipulation has been used but what the hell. They are fantastic anyway.


3 Responses to “Versatile Lego”

  1. BEK Says:

    If only we had photos of the Transformers Blythe and I used to make out of LEGO. Talk about imagination meets creativity and GENIUS! Hours of fun.
    Ps. I hope the inventors of LEGO got some sort of award (or many awards)

  2. […] not as clever as my earlier discovery – MC Esher in Lego – but you have to admire The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith’s dedication … and his […]

  3. […] when you think that you’ve seen everything possible built from Lego (see Versatile Lego and Lego Again) you find another extraordinary use of Lego. This time it’s Henry […]

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