Corgi, yum

June 4, 2007

According to performance artist Mark McGowan, the corgi he ate in protest at the RSPCA not taking action against Prince Philip for fox hunting tasted terrible. Well what did he expect? There is clearly a good reason for not including dog in our regular diets.

It brought to mind a book I have, entitled ‘Extreme Cuisine’.

This is a wonderful book that catalogues (with many gruesome photos which I chose not to reproduce as a matter of good taste) virtually everything that is humanly possible to eat – with recipes! I haven’t tried to make “Fried Locusts with Salt” or “Mango Urine Lassi” and I don’t intend to try. This book certainly suggests that another favourite of mine – The Man Who Ate Everything is not strictly true. Former Vogue USA food writer, Jeffrey Steingarten writes with great wit about overcoming his own distaste for various foods, as well as conducting some interesting food tastings and experiments.  

But as adventurous as he is, Steingarten has clearly not eaten as many weird things as Jerry Hopkins, author of Extreme Cuisine. Hopkins describes water beetles as tasting ‘nutty’, fried snake having many small bones but tasting like chicken, and rice-paddy frogs as tasting like “meaty sort of sawdust gone slightly sour”.  Then again, he is very dismissive of Vegemite so can we trust his sense of taste? 

By the way, Mark McGowan’s next project is to be “buried in a box, a David Blaine-type thing, in Dublin underneath a metre of mashed potato.” so one might question his judgement too.

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