Mysteries of Google

June 8, 2007

Every now and then I look at the various statistics that are available on the visitors to this Blog. It is useful to know what people find interesting and what links they are following to and from the site. Most of the links are fairly straightforward but the search terms used to find the site are a bit odd. I would love to know how a search for “horny Russian housewives” found my site. I have checked and none of those three words appear in any piece I have posted on this site.  

I foolishly tried to figure out how this could happen by reading up on how Google works. Don’t try this at home. Once I spotted the Σ’s in the Page Rank algorithm I realised that I was getting out of my depth. The closest I can get to an answer is that Google is counting all the attempts to spam this site by sites advertising horny Russian housewives as ‘votes’ for the site. But that is just a guess on my part. It will have to remain one of those mysteries of the computer world like the odd formatting that Word decides that I want and won’t let me change.

3 Responses to “Mysteries of Google”

  1. BEK Says:

    Oh damn. You caught me out! Damn fettish for Eastern European sluts…

  2. david tiley Says:

    I bet that somewhere lurking in your past are commments with links to the aforementioned naughty ladies that you have not found.

    Still, I suppose the human body is infested with parasites at every level so we can’t expect our computer exo-brains to be any purer.

  3. cyberslacker Says:

    Thanks David, I suppose that by having actually typed the words “horny Russian housewives” (and doing it again here) I have increased my general filth count. Ah well, such are the perils of modern communications.

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