Maze Generation

August 3, 2007

As a self-confessed cyberslacker, I pass by a great deal of extraordinary crap in cyberspace. Some things deserve the few moments of wonder, laughter or interest and a very few are good enough to pass on or blog about. Most are either too silly, offensive or bad to even pause at.

One form of website is the most frequent provider of longer term interest – those which have useful online or downloadable utilities. I have a fine collection of dictionaries, wordlists, filing programs, graphics utilities and so on. 

I have just fallen upon a site which contains – amongst other things – a maze generator, together with the code to generate it and the ability to automatically solve it. I have no idea why I would want this utility but I still find the idea somewhat compelling.


I am sorry that I don’t have enough Latin or Greek to be able to coin the word that describes something which appears at first to be useful but turns out in the end to be a bit disappointing. That would be a great addition to my cyberslacking vocabulary.


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