Lego Again

August 22, 2007


Whilst I don’t wish to be seen encouraging the reading of the bible, I could not resist the efforts of the somewhat bizarre Reverend Brendan Powell Smith and his so called Brick Testament.

The Brick Testament is a series of stories from both the old and new testaments retold in Lego.

image image

Perhaps not as clever as my earlier discovery – MC Esher in Lego – but you have to admire The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith’s dedication … and his chutzpah. He writes of himself “Most ministers, priests, or other religious clerics would not actually use “The Reverend” before their own names, for to do so would be presumptuous and rather vain. The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith is not an ordained member of any earthly church, and is widely regarded as being both highly presumptuous and extremely vain.”


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