September 5, 2007

I have been interested for some time in the idea of producing films for ‘new media’ such as mobile phones and the Internet, but have not been able to see a clear funding model that would both enable quality production and would be a real source of income for the producer. There has been much talk about the theoretical possibilities but few concrete examples. There have been some heavily sponsored experiments and plenty of amateur examples but little by way of well-produced, watchable, commercial product.

For that reason, I am intrigued to discover a delightful short film that was made for the Internet. The Old Negro Space Program is a spoof documentary made by writer/producer/director Andy Bobrow about NASSA, an alternate, black space program.

Although it was made several years ago and even has its own Wikipedia and IMDB entries, I’ve only just come across it. It is a lovely piece of work. Low budget but terrific production values. All I wonder now is, who paid for it and is Andy making any money? Certainly he is not earning anything from it being posted on You Tube … nor from me putting it here!

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