International Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19, 2007


By any measure, pirates are undesirable creatures. So how is it that we continue to romanticise them? I don’t see other criminal activities being given the same treatment, so why do we think that people who terrorise, steal, assault and sometimes murder should be regarded as objects of admiration. Yes the Pirates of the Caribbean films were fun and Captain Hook gets his comeuppance in Peter Pan, but really?

This was prompted by the discovery that today is ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’. Yes it is silly and no I don’t know why it is such. I did like this video though. Mainly for its ludicrous seriousness.

One Response to “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”

  1. BEK Says:

    Talk Like a Pirate Day is a fundraiser for some children’s charity or other. Obviously very successful as no-one ever remembers which charity it is (Leukemia rings a bell??), but a fun idea none-the-less

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