But is it art?

September 22, 2007

A few interesting visual sites have come my way recently thanks to the random wanderings created by using Stumbleupon.

Particular favorites include this alphabet from typography student, Lisa Rienermann from the University of Duisberg-Essen (translated by Google translation as Duisberg Meal). Some of these letters have been Photoshopped, but most are images of the sky between buildings as she found them. Clever stuff. But is it art?


Or this one? The first image is one that I have removed the shadow from the background. The second is as it was intended by the artists who produced it – Tim Nobel and Sue Webster. That website asks the question itself “is it art?”

Not art:




Coolidge’s ‘A Friend in Need’ copied in the dust of a car windscreen by an unnamed artist (?)


These also uncredited hand art examples.

image image

Let’s not leave sculpture out. Again sculptor uncredited.


There is an enormous amount of creative energy out there in the world. Long may it continue – art or not.


One Response to “But is it art?”

  1. BEK Says:

    I think The Chaser answered this perfectly by taking actual rubbish and dumping it in art galleries. Most people couldn’t tell the difference.

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