Things you didn’t know you wanted to know

October 31, 2007

I have often lauded the Internet as a fabulous repository of knowledge in areas that I for one didn’t know existed. There has never been a shortage of people with arcane and odd special interests, it’s just that I didn’t know about them and now I do.

After a break from the gentle art of cyberslacking, I have recently had a little time to bang around the Web again. Oh what a wonderful selection of useful knowledge.

First up, how to sharpen a pencil from artist Matthew Taylor. Apparently there are 4 ways to sharpen a pencil! And it features a most wonderfully bizarre sharpener too.


I’ve already praised Ian Fiegenn’s shoelace site.  Here is his latest example.


There is also this less well designed but still informative site showing 15 different ways to tie shoelaces.


Want to brush up on your Origami skills? Try The Origami Nut. There are not only pictures of fabulous paper things, but also diagrams and videos as well.


 How specialised can you get. The Tiramisu website is simply that – recipes and articles about one Italian dessert.


 Apparently Craig Miyamoto has been writing about Tiramisu for 10 years!

I am sure that as soon as I post this, I will fall over some other wonderfully specialised website. Long may they continue.


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