Creatorless content

January 11, 2008



As is often noted, the Internet is a great place to lose control of your creative endeavours. Someone wrote that joke you are circulating, someone composed that music. Though much of the time you’d never know who. I know, I do it myself. Many of the posts on this site are accompanied by photographs taken from other places and my only contribution in acknowledging them is to link the pictures back to the page from whence I found them. Unfortunately, that may not be back to the original source as I may have found them on a site that has lifted them from elsewhere.

A case in point is the picture above. It is one of many whimsical illustrations from a website that I recently stumbled upon. The pictures are accompanied by over 100 comments about the artistic quality of the illustrations and yet hardly anyone seems concerned by the fact that there is no mention of the artist.  

Like them or not, the creator deserves acknowledgement.


Fortunately some people did recognise the artist and have named him in the comments. He is Rob Gonsalves, a Canadian magic realist painter. Pity it took a reader to identify him rather than the person who posted the pictures in the first place.

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