Food maths

April 16, 2008

What could be better than something which combines cooking and maths? (Don’t answer that question. I know that there are large number of answers to the question. Possibly even an infinite number). Let me rephrase that. What a delight – cooking and maths in the one project.

I don’t know about the father of fractal geometry Benoît Mandlebrot‘s culinary skills, but his as name means ‘almond bread’ I am sure he would be impressed with the idea of these biscuits.


The wonderful Evil Mad scientist Laboratory features an article this month on how to make fractal biscuits, including even a link to a recipe for the dough!

image image

image image

image image

As I often ask of such things. Why not?

Thanks to Cliff Pickover’s Reality Carnival for this.

One Response to “Food maths”

  1. […] to fall back on. Loving these professional ones at Sweet Art Cakes though and the nice-n-geeky fractal biscuits. Very […]

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