I Hope He Is Paying Royalties

October 9, 2008



Bug Artist, Steven Kutcher was inspired to start producing “bug art” during his time as an insect wrangler in Hollywood. He was asked to make a fly walk through ink and leave fly footprints for Amazing Stories which gave him the idea for letting bugs produce art works.


The artworks are displayed on Steve’s website sorted by insect species.

There’s a nice simplicity to the work of the Sarcophagid Fly


And the Hissing Cockroach has produced an attractive childlike abstract


You can buy cards and prints of Steve’s (sorry Steve’s Bug’s) works from his website. His bugs produce some nice patterns and would certainly be a talking point on your walls,

You’ll be pleased to know that no insects were harmed in the making of this art. Steve boasts – “I use water-based, nontoxic paints that easily wash off. I have to take good care of them. After all, they are artists!”

It is sad to think that insect wrangling might have become largely a thing of the past given that nowadays everything can be computer generated. At least we can rest in the comfort of knowing that talented insects still have an outlet for their creative endeavours.


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