January 28, 2009


Long time no write. As the tagline says “cyberslacking is the thief of time”. (yes Terry, I did derive that from the old saying about procrastination) There must be a web equivalent of the couch potato – maybe a desk potato. It really is easier to read than to write. I have heard it said by others that the writer’s main task is to avoid writing. I guess I have been following that advice.

I could have also used a tagline that said “the world is littered with good intentions”, because any number of weird and wonderful websites has prompted the though that they would be a good subject for a posting. Blame work, blame holidays, blame the heat (currently 42°C). Or blame the fact that the weird and wonderful has become so commonplace that it is harder to find the truly laughworthy.

One email of note though. I am used to getting spam either selling fake watches or asking me to accept huge donations of dead people’s money, but this one struck me as singularly odd.



From Precious,

I need your help to transfer the money my late father left for me in the bank Cote d’ Ivoire (Abidjan in African) before he died.I want to invest the money and continue my study. the money is ($25M)how much will you take from the money as your commission of helping us. Precious.

– precious

That’s it. I can’t say it is either clever or convincing. It sort of assumes that you know about the scam in the first place and thus don’t need either the sob story or the mechanism explained. And then there is the Japanese address!


One Response to “Slack”

  1. Bek Says:

    Quick!! Forward me the bank account details…

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