How do we manage without these?

March 2, 2009

Yes I love ridiculous devices. Last year I was captivated by the stupid products at Archie McPhee. My new delights can be found at Stupididiotic which describes itself as “a trademark brand of unusual and peculiar products”. Many of the products for sale here are totally useless. For example, for $24 you can buy a DVD rewinder.


Of course it has no function, but then neither does the $5 tin of dehydrated water.


On the other hand, there could be some use in the underwear repair kit.

image or the Viaga carrying ring   image

How about tattooed sleeves?


or a crime scene scarf  image

On the subject of useful gadgets, there are the various pizza cutters you didn’t know you needed. These thanks to design blog Toxtel.

image image image

But wait there’s more. Thanks to Trendhunter magazine, we have some wonderfully weird food to go with the gadgets.

Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers in sushi


A house made of breadsticks


A chocolate foot


And many more.

3 Responses to “How do we manage without these?”

  1. Bek Says:

    These posts are no use without telling me where I can buy the products! I must have a crime scene scarf!!!

  2. Cyberslacker Says:

    You must have missed the link. Its

  3. […] fan of useless (or at least unnecessary) gadgets. I have previously written about Archie McPhee and Stupididiotic  and their wonderfully stupid gadget. Now here is another one – Fred and Friends – with a […]

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