Gifts For Geeks

April 27, 2009


You’ve got to love a website dedicated to supplying tee-shirts and other gifts specially designed for geeks.

I particularly like the maths geeks ones.

image image


image image


There are some other fun ones.


image  image

image  image

More at Gifts For A Geek.


Little People

April 23, 2009

Little man 2

For some reason which I now don’t fully remember, I took a series of photographs back in the early 70’s of a tiny toy man I had found on the ground. I must have thought it amusing to record him in different situations.


Little man 4

Little man 1

So what a delight to find that someone is doing for real.

Photographer and website designer Vincent Bousserez has taken a series of photographs called Plastic Life. 





Some of these have been used in magazines including Esquire, Geez and Le Figaro.

More of Vincent Bousserez work can be found either via his flickr pages or on the galerie Bailly site.