August 25, 2009

There is constant discussion about the uselessness of Twitter for real social networking and for the most part I agree. However, I have found several good uses for it. The odd “hey, you might be interested in this” is often does point to something interesting. This is especially true if you are selective about who you follow. The only real drawback with this aspect is that the page can fill up quite quickly with dross and that pushes the interesting stuff off the page and then the gem is lost.

However it is the dross which has caught my attention. I am not sure I understand how these get started nor how the word gets out, but there have been some funny bad pun chains of tweets (I am sure there is a word to describe that but I don’t know it).

Here is a sample from Cheesefilms

The Gouda, the Bad and the Ugly,          Mas Capone,            Cheesus Christ Superstar,            Puttin’ on the Ritz,                  Who Framed Roger Rarebit?,              Give My Ricotta Broad Whey,               The Man in the Iron Mascarpone,              Brie Encounter,             La Dolce Feta,                   La Dolcelatte Vita,                 The Cheshire of the Sierra Madre,                  The Great Train Robbrie,                Bangkok Stilton,                        Return of the Cheddar,                  East of Edam,               Fondue the Right Thing,               No Whey Out,             Brie-ing John Malkovich,            Goudafellas,                 Much Fondue About Nothing,               Edam Busters,             The Day the Earth Stood Stilton,                     I Was Monty’s Double Gloucester,                 As Gouda As It Gets,                  Cheddar Gabler,           The Brie of Frankenstein,            A Few Gouda Men,              The Longest Yarg,             Carlito’s Whey,                 Blue Velveeta,            Emmental Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,                  Bridget Jones Dairy,          Bridget Jones Dairylea,               Earth Girls Are Cheesy,                     Feta Attraction,                    The Tailor of Double Gloucester,            Nokkelost in Translation,             The Philadelphia Story,            Saving Private Rind,             Animal Farmhouse,             My Cousin Blue Vinny,                     The Bad News Camemberts,                Swiss Cheese Family Robinson,               Seven Bries for Seven Brothers?,                    Million Dollar Babybel,                  Gouda Will Hunting,               Curds of the Pink Panther,            Cheeses of Nazareth,                    Rarebit Proof Fence,                     Lock Stock and Two Smoking Cracker Barrels,               Le Comte de Monte Cristo,               The Fondue of the Opera,                          Driving Swiss Daisy,                      Cheese Having a Baby,                Five Cheesy Pieces,               Fromage Russia With Love,            The Private Life of Emile Gorgonzola,         You, Me and DuBrie


Or what about Vegetariantheatre

Educating Beetroot,           Banana Mia,              Salad Days,           Omelette,        Lady Windermere’s Bran,          The Importance of Beans, Ernest,           The Mousse Trap,        Cauliolanus,          We Will Rocket You,                Calamity Grain,          Cat On A Hot Tin Root,        Chat On A Hot Tin Roof,             Carrot on a Hot Tin Roof,      The Best Little Greenhouse In Texas,                The Gnocchi Horror Show,            A Mushroom With a View,              Troilius and Cress,                 A Streetcar named Desiree,                  Miss Soygon,                    The Rocket Horror Show,               The Postman Always Brings Rice,             The Chronicles of Naan,                  An Inspector Kales,               Witlof and I,                    Cheddar Gabler,                   Citizen Kale,              Pirates of Pea-zance,                Romeo and Julienned,                  Oatlahoma!,          Okrahoma!,            The Threepenny Okra,           The Lime King,         A Sweetcorn Named Desire,           Don’s Parsley,              Guys and Dills,           The Grass Menagerie,               Pear Ubu,           Pear Gynt,            An Inspector Caulis,         Tree Sisters,           The Wizard of Cos,                     Tarte oeuf,              Parsnip and Old Lace,           Arms and the Mango,                Paint Your Vegan,                 The Gourdfather I, II and III,                   A Man for All Seasonings,             Romaines in Britain,                 The Dairy of Anne Frank,               The Quince and the Pauper,            Lady Windermere’s Flan,                       Krapp’s Last Tapas,                Egg-quis,             The ProJuicers,                Quiche me Kate,                    Leek Back in Anger,                Beauty and the Beet,                     Death of a Kalesman

Good cooperative fun. So don’t write-off Twitter altogether.


Long time no write

August 7, 2009

It has been a while since I have been able to find the time to write anything, or perhaps since I had the motivation to write anything. It has left me wondering whether the blog has already passed into history, to be replace with the more immediate social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. I hope not. Don’t get me wrong, firing off a witty comment or eavesdropping on stranger’s conversations and photographs is fun enough. But hardly a fair exchange for a well-considered, well-written blog.

This train of thought is partially motivated by the last entry in one of my favourite blogs – Barista.  David has been such a reliable supplier of interesting anecdotes, stories and thoughtful articles, that I have felt quite bereft since he declared that he might be abandoning his blog – at least for the moment.

That then started a trawl through the various blogs I have bookmarked over the last couple of years. A surprising number of them have either been discontinued or neglected. Perhaps it’s not just me. It does take a fair effort to write a blog, especially if one is diligent with the hyperlinks, and it is hard to keep up the desire.

Mind you, as long as people continue to fill the web with little joys like this, it is worth having a blog to pass them on.
Apparently I can’t post videos at the moment.