There’s good retro and bad retro

January 20, 2010

I have already confessed earlier that I am an unapologetic nostalgic. That doesn’t mean that I think that everything old is good. There were some things that were horrible in their time and are still horrible now.

image image

And then there are the silly things such as the Teasmade (or Teawaker as I now discover is the generic name) which were amusing in their time …


… and are amusing still.


But the one that amuses me most though is the Lava Lamp.

image    image    image

Amusing because these pictures are from the current catalogue of the company that originally produced the Lava Lamp (also known under its original name the Astro Lamp) in the 1960 and still does. The shape of the glass is based on the shape of the Tree Top Orange Squash bottle which caught his fancy.

As a small aside, Edward Craven Walker who invented the Astro Lamp was a keen nudist and in the 1960’s produced a number of naturist films under the pseudonym Michael Keatering.

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