Art and Politics

July 15, 2010





This series of photographs called ‘Stop the Violence’ by Francois Robert is another example of how powerful simple images can be in conveying anti-war messages.

Recently I was in the National Portrait Gallery in London and one piece stood out Official war artist Steve McQueen’s Queen and Country is a display case that features a full page of stamps for each of the UK servicemen and women killed in the war in Iraq.


Pulling open a drawer at random (they are not labelled) and looking into the repeated face of a dead soldier is as chilling an anti-war message as any. No need for visceral images or direct statements. And the fact that some of the drawers are, as yet, empty adds to the power.


2 Responses to “Art and Politics”

  1. Bek Says:

    HEY!!! It’s September… almost October…!!!

  2. […] have written before about various visits to galleries. such as Art and Politics, Where Would We Be Without […]

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