Slow posting

April 18, 2011

Yes it is true. I have not posted anything for a very long time.

It is possible that I have taken the ‘slack’ part of Cyberslacker too literally, but I think not. What is more likely is that the online world of sharing ideas has changed. There once was a time when I used newsgroups to share thoughts, and before that I posted things on bulletin boards. Blogging is so much easier and so much more accessible, especially for someone who wants to share images publicly, so I have been doing that for a few years. Though sometime it does feel a bit like throwing ideas and images out there and hoping someone is listening. Writing a blog doesn’t automatically make one feel like part of a community. I wrote in my first blog “yes I do like the sound of my own voice”.  A bit indulgent you might think. And with good reason.  Maybe blogging has to give way to the next technology, whatever that might turn out to be, that connects more. Although I do post videos on Facebook, I don’t think that it a long-term replacement for a blog. Perhaps I’ll stick to this for the moment. 

In the meantime … more of the same from a collection of wonderfully whimsical oddities at

Wow. How?

and via meme-meme there is Like Cool who describe themselves as a gadget magazine.

The music player bed



The digital measuring tool (though its range is limited!)


or the folding keyboard



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