Back Again Again

August 3, 2016

It has been a few years since I wrote anything here. Why? Laziness perhaps, but more likely because of Facebook. It is easy to post something of interest on Facebook with a one-line comment. Some hardy souls do write longer posts there, but it is not really the place for the more thoughtful observations. I have noticed though, that I read fewer blogs than I used to and that many of those I used to read are no longer there.

I refuse to completely abandon the blog, thus this attempt to restart Cyberslacker.

And what inspired me to start? The discovery of a cartoonist who, cartoon after cartoon, has made me laugh out loud.

Canadian illustrator John Atkinson  combines a delightful cartoon style with a hilarious play with the English language, under the name Wrong Hands. (If he doesn’t do cryptic crosswords, he should)

Some favourites –

phonetically defined #4

(even more) phonetically defined

what separates us

simplified city map

movie plot generator

John generously allows these cartoons to be reproduced. I hope he is also making a living out of his work.


One Response to “Back Again Again”

  1. Bek Says:

    Yes!! He’s back!

    So is his number 1 fan

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