Birds with arms

September 17, 2016

This image caught my eye on a friend’s Facebook feed and in my usual ‘slacker’ fashion I went further and linked to the site that she had posted it from. This took me to a site I was unfamiliar with (but will be sure to visit again – Sad and Useless). As I often observe, people post the most wonderful things but neglect to attribute them to anyone.

I am always delighted to find people who have plenty of time on their hands but I also try to give credit where I can.

In this case, I am delighted to have found Birds With Arms which invites people to Photoshop arms onto birds and post them, though I can’t quite work out who is responsible for the individual images.

Here are some more.

“ I feel that if I can’t find a use for this GIF, I’ll have failed at something.

In addition, do look at other pages on Sad and Useless. You won’t be sorry.