A Graphic View of Time

October 16, 2016

I have been fascinated by this view of time as presented graphically by Tim Urban on his website But Why Wait.

This is the clearest explanation I have seen of our place in the vastness of astronomical time. Several of the observations when seen like this are mind-blowing. For example, there have been mammals here for 200 million years but the arrival of Homo Sapiens doesn’t even register as a smear on that timeline.

Stegosaurus lived longer ago before Tyrannosaurus Rex was around than T Rex lived before the present time and that there were dinosaurs living on earth for 165 million years which sounds like a long time, until you see it in relation to the origin of life at 3.6 billion years ago. And that in itself is only a quarter of the way back to the origin of the universe.

My head hurts!