So I had this idea on the 10th anniversary of my first blog here. I would go back and look at some of the earlier postings to see what had changed either in the world or my thinking about it.

The first thing I noticed is how few of the sites that I used to read and either comment on or write about are still around. Or if they are, haven’t been written on for years. I realise as I write that, that I didn’t write on this blog for nearly 4 years. For whatever reason, as I have observed here earlier, blogging seems to have become a dying art. Not as serious a decline as say personal letters in the post (with interesting stamps) but nonetheless noticeable and to my mind disappointing

The other overall observation is that not a lot has changed on the Internet in 10 years!

Anyway, here are some musings.

In 2006, I was amused by the apparent lack of progress in voice recognition. And has it got any better? Well, yes and no. The ‘yes’ applies to Google voice which is fantastically accurate and very useful. I used to use it constantly in the car to enable proper hands-free operation. I could ask it to dial numbers and find and navigate to addresses. So what about the ‘no’ then. My new car is equipped with something called Mazda Connect which turns out to have the most laughably useless voice input. If I say something like ‘call home’ or ‘ring home’ it it likely to ask me which hip-hop radio station I’d like to listen to or try to navigate me to the airport. I can find no word in common between what I ask and what it hears.

In a piece I wrote about new words, I mused on what words from the past would still be in use today and suggested that words can go as easily as they come. By way of a quiz, I asked readers to guess the year of origin of various words, assuming that would be hard as the words had disappeared from everyday use. Who would have guess that one of the words was ‘pokémania’?

As I said – not a lot has changed.